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favorite distributer of scents and wax (soy)

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Hi I''ve been making candles for the last three months and as of yet I've gone thru two companies, NuScents and Northstar. As I've been scrolling down the list I see that a lot of different companies. For me the scents I've been using have been allright but kinda hit or miss. I'm curious to experiment. any ideas? For wax I've been using the natures soy wax and palm oil both container blend, I haven't broken thru the mold yet:rolleyes2 it seems intimidating to me. I'm open to new ideas but have been working in isolation. I like that this forum exists:yay:that we can all share ideas and help with candle challenges. I've started bringing candles to craft shows and a few select stores and am looking at building a website to sell locally. I like the idea of using different combinations of color to set a feel for a room. The scents I'm still trying to fine tune and find some good ones to match with the colors. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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There are lots of fragrance suppliers out there - have a look in the fragrance section;) . I have been using Just Scent on the recommendation of this board and even though I am on another continent, Becky's service is still amazing and so is her fragrances. Her website is www.justscent.com.



PS. Welcome to the board!

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