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New to candlemaking business-testing candles

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It can vary, depending on what type of candle you're making. Some basics are great hot and cold scent throw, nice sized flame and no smoke. Containers - no wax hang up on the sides, no soot on container, full melt pool, etc. Votives about the same as containers. Pillars - usually self consuming, no blow outs, etc. I'm sure other people will add more.

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I think Satin covered it pretty well. Your testing to make sure that your candle is as close to perfectly made as possible. You want your scented candles to smell wonderful without being lit (cold throw) and fill an average sized room with scent but not overpowering. You want to make sure that your wick is the correct size for that candle size and wax/fo formulation. Adding to what Satin said to include making sure that the wick isn't to small and being drowned, or tunneling (burning fast straight down the middle of the candle). Just because a wick works for x size candle with this fo (fragrance oil) doesn't mean that it's going to work with that same size with a different fo. So each fo needs to be tested to make sure it burn correctly. Also there can be slight differences in each batch of wax or fo some periodic testing is needed once you do find the perfect combo.

If you intend to sell or give your candles away it's not only important to do this for your own reputation, but for the safty of those who burn your candles, and the reputation of all home candlemakers. People who purchase a poorly made homemade candle are leery of ever purchasing one again, so it's important to all chandlers that other chandlers push for perfection.


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