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Soy wax help!!!!

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I am regretting my decision moving to soy wax even though I have long burning, clean containers....I have no scent and for the life of me I dont get it. I am heating the wax to 180. But here comes the tricky part. Some people say add frag and color at that temp then some say at 160. And the 3 waxes I have are C3, 444. And Q210. I also make tarts but the Q210 is all I have used for those. Can I add something to help with the scent and cut the cure time. I used coconut oit and I purchased vybar.I have heard so many pour temps that I can not begin to explain. I need some help I have been doing 6006 for almost 1 and half years and I wanted something different....(Silly me). 

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