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Wax Blending & Fragrance

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I know these questions might sounds stupid....btw I’m trying to make the perfect wax tarts I currently have ky 133, ky parasoy, IGI 4794 Paraffin & use fragrance oils from Rustic Escentuals also nature’s garden.....now why do people combine wax’s together anyone have a good one for tarts...there just so many types of waxs and so many companies that make them..also does the wax it’s self help increase the oil scent or is it all about the oil it’s self I’m just trying to creat the best tarts that have amazing scent throw! Thanks so much! 

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You're going to get many different answers and opinions as to which is the best wax. We all have our favorites that we feel throw better than others. Noses are so different. I can't tell you how many times I think a fragrance is a dud and take the product to work with me and melt it and someone comments about how strong it is. 

Having said that, as far as wax goes, I love KY wax. The only thing I don't like about it is it leaves dimples in my tarts. I don't like that but I'm sure some don't mind. To smooth those out I mix a container wax with it such as 4786. I also don't like smudges on my bags so that's why I don't use 4630 with shapes. If I'm pouring into clamshells or cups then 4630 is fine.  I also like 4794 mixed with 143 or 133 and it also seems to smooth out the tarts. 

I also like 4625 as a tart wax even as a stand alone wax. It just depends on what I'm using it for. If I pour into molds then I like it by itself. 

Test, test, test. Make sure your warmer is placed in an area where  you can smell your product. Types of warmers make a difference too. The hotter the warmer, the stronger the scent but it doesn't last as long.  I actually like to take mine to work because I can't smell as well here as I can there. There are just too many scents from pouring wax going on here in my house and it keeps me from smelling what I'm wanting to test.


The oils play a huge factor as to how the wax throws. I would even dare to say that's the biggest factor as far as tarts go. Make sure you have good, strong oils. If you're buying from RE and NG then you're getting quality oils in my opinion. Make sure you're heating your wax up hot enough to blend the oil in. I usually get mine to 180-185, stir for two minutes and pour. Also, a few days of cure time never hurts, even for paraffin.


There are no stupid questions on here. We are all still learning and trying to be the best at our craft that we can be, so ask away!


I'm still trying to find the "perfect" wax for my tarts but I'm not sure there is such a thing LOL! But, we can still have a great product!

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