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IGI 415 - Test Additions to improve throw

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I have a case from this year's  IGI 415 here. This is one soy wax that has low melt point, and poor hot throw in my tins. It is supposed to not contain any additives, so it's a blank slate if you will. I purchased it originally it to dilute C3 which was not burning well, or throwing on its own.



A) raise the melt point economically so it burns with a hot enough wick to throw the fragrance using a single wick series (either CD or RRD)

B ) Get it to throw well using only 6% of a commonly available inexpensive fragrance.


Part 1: single additive tests

I selected additives that I have in my shop, and from excerpts of threads relating to the soy issues with this years crops.

- USA from The Candle Makers Store

- Palm Stearic Acid from Soapers Choice

- Beeswax - Refined from bulk apothecary

- Cocoa Butter - Refined from Soapers Choice

- Carnauba Wax

- Candelila Wax

- Sunflower Wax

- Paraffin Wax 4986 from Bulk Apothecary


Any other additives you want me to add to the list before I get started??

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