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Pleasant surprise from RE

Sarah S

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I put in an order with RE for a few things, including one of my favorite FOs, Havana Nights. If you're a fan of masculine or cologne type scents, this is so amazing, rich with spices and tobacco, a hint of patch and I swear I smell rum... So good!

Anyway, I got the new Gilded Amber as a sample FO and it is wonderful! I love ambers, I must have at least a half dozen varieties, and this one is particularly nice, strong but not real heavy, a beautiful floralish top note that makes it seem airy and bright. I haven't put it in anything, hopefully it doesn't change. I can't decide if I want to soap it or wax it!! :( Decisions, decisions, lol.

Also, because I can't resist a deal, I ordered a couple of the clearance FO's, the Cornucopias and Gourds and the Corriander Citrus. Curnucopia is very subtle, but really a lovely fall scent, and I've mixed it very successfully with some other more expensive scents to punch it up a bit. Very earthy and leafy but dry, if that makes sense. Reminds me of the corn fields this time of year in my area. The Corriander is very clean with a strong citrus top note, with a green heart and a very subtle musky dry down. Really nice. I think I'm going to make a kitchen soap & candle combo with that one.  All in all, I was very pleased that I took a chance and ordered the big bottles of those.

now I have to resist going back for a big bottle of that amber! :) 

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@Sarah S You are so good at describing scents!  I can't do that.  


Too bad we have complete opposite tastes in FO's.  :) 


I got French Vanilla and Amber from Peak last year for my DIL. She likes it, but I don't.  So no more amber for me.  You must be young.  :)


I don't want anything with tobacco or patch either, although I do have a bottle of both.


Your lovely description of Corriander does sound nice though.  I bought some Peak's Cornucopia a few years back.  I really liked it. Fruity and nutty but no spices.  It didn't sell well though.

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Thank you Gail, scent descriptions are tough when fragrance preferences can be so subjective!

You made me laugh, I guess I am young from certain points of view, but my kids think I'm ancient, I'm sure! 😆

This Cornucopia doesn't have any fruity notes, and the spice is very faint. It's more leafy to my nose, with hints of fresh gourds, like the way a green pumpkin smells. We shall see if it's a good seller!

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