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One Thousand Beeswax Candles - How Much To Charge?

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I have been asked by a friend who owns a honey company to produce some beeswax candles for his Xmas baskets. He would like 1,000 small votive candles (2 oz candles). He will be supplying me with all the beeswax. I am having difficulty quoting him a price.

Looking for suggestions/recommendations on how to charge for my work and the candles. Do I charge per candle? the hours I put in to make the candles? both? The following is what he is providing and what I am providing:



- Beeswax (enough for 1,000 2 oz small votive candles)

- 2 oz aluminum molds

- Some wicks



- 2 oz aluminum molds

- Some wicks

- Time producing the candles.



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What kind of capacity do you have to make them? Votives are a total pain to make. Are the votive molds going to be pre-wicked or will you use wick pins? All of that time needs to be factored in. 


Plan on needing more than the exact number of oz of wax. You will have some waste to spillage, repours, sticking in the melters, etc. if the wax is direct from hives it will often need to be cleaned. The honey in the raw wax can gum up, coagulate, burn and require filtering as you pour. I always plan for 10% extra.


i assume you have the wicking all figured out already? I gave up on votives when the wicking was just too risky. Beeswax continues to harden over time so the wick that worked today would fizzle out over time. 

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