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4oz tin wicking

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The skinny:

Wax: NW Elite 200 soy (not the new ecosoy)

Wicks: eco2, cd8, htp 41,62

FO: 10% TCS Tobacco Cherry

Cure: plenty of time. Testing some weeks old & months old. 

Container: 4oz tin

Problem: 4 hour burn cycles 


I'm trying to nail down 4oz tins. I don't know why exactly but I like this little size. I've been testing for a couple months with, multiple FO, all at 10% and Eco 2 had been great. At that time I was test burning 2-3 hours initial burn and 2 hours every additional burn. I read about the ASTM 4 hour burns so I gave it a shot. I had testers months old that hadn't burned and some weeks old. After four hours my little tins are almost all liquid and the flams were too tall. The next day the wicks had disappeared/sunk under the wax. I removed the wicks and am testing Eco 1 in them tonight. CD8 extinguished itself at 3 hours. I know nobody is using the wax I've chosen, but what are you using for a 4oz tin. Is this size tin just impossible? Should I move to a 6oz?  I did just spend $50 on buying more wicks to test:RRD, CD4, cotton core, LX and square brade-all on the smaller side. Zincs absolutely do not work. My tests with HTP are not good. 


So so far over not let anyone other than my wife see my candles. Today I let a coworker smell a new one CT. It's this cherry tobacco I love. In excitement I said "don't you love this!?" He said "no". Crushed. I know everyone likes different smells but I've been working with this scent all summer!


appreicate any suggestions. Can I bribe someone to buy a test of this wax next time they do a Filmore purchase? 

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Tins are a Bugger. Those are a little bigger than a votive size, right? Cd4 or cd5 sound about right as a starting point for those.


lx are popular in votives, so you might get luckier there. 


If the wicks are too big for that setup, slumping would explain the cd self extinguishing, 

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