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Supernova FO

Sarah S

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I am looking for a good dupe of Lush's Supernova. I purchased one from Nurture that my oldest daughter adores, and I'm running low... But I don't order anything else from them and I'm kind of choking on the price. I found it at FB and Indigo, but again, the price!! I also found it at Flaming for a good value...but I'm not wowed by any of their other FO's and I hate to pay shipping for just one thing. Lord, I'm cheap, lol.

Is there maybe a vendor that has it under another name to be sneaky?

or are there any must-haves from Flaming that I can add to my cart? I'm not much for the bakery scents, I was looking at their Golden Rum and their Woodland Path if anyone has tried those.

Thank you!


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I've never actually seen, touched or smelled any Lush products myself. My only experience has been the vendor's dupes, it seems like Nurture has an extensive collection and from what I gather their dupes are really close. I've tried a bunch, mostly I haven't been impressed except for Olive Branch, that is so understated and sexy in B&B, it's my go-to when I want to smell good but not perfumed. And of course this Supernova that my daughter is nutso over, lol.

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If I remember right FB and Flaming are similar. If you don't want to go Nurture, you might try those. 


My favorite out of Lush was Breath of God, but I have none of the original left to compare it to I think it was Nurture and FB refused to dupe it when I asked because I wasn't willing to buy  a lot of pounds so I've never tried their version. I love the Olive Branch, but I also really like the Sultana. I did like Avobath and there are a ton of new releases I just haven't tried out and whole bunch of renames to get used to over there. 

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