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Do customers prefer candles with lids? Does not having them affect your sales?


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I was wondering if those of you who have tried selling candles without lids and with them, do customers seem to favor lidded candles significantly more? I'm wondering because my husband and I are just getting everything ordered and set up (we started a couple months ago but took a break until our baby was born) and I was wondering how much having lids should weigh on our jar decisions. If you don't use lids do you use plastic lids or dust covers? Do customers ever comment on a lack of lid? Personally we love the Libbey rock glasses and the 22oz cylinder jar, neither of which have lids available. Any insight is extremely appreciated!

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For me it depends on the type of container and whether it looks like it should have a lid or not. 


I have some novelty containers I've gotten from Dollar Tree and they sell like hotcakes (no lid) but my 16oz apothecaries just look unfinished without a lid and when I have the lid off (only for them to more readily and easily smell the candle) they never ever reach for the unlidded one, it's always one with a lid on, so I gave up a long time ago, and just leave the lids on and let them take them off if they are interested in sniffing the candle. 

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