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Excel Sheet burn times?

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I'm sure everyone has their favorite way of collecting information about your candles on test sheets. I wanted to see if I could tell a difference in amount of wax consumed per burn based on the type of wick used.  I've been collecting data on a spreadsheet and now I'm trying to figure out if it's helpful in any way.  I list each candle by container size, wax used, wick used and FO%. Then I have an initial weight after I make the candle that I start with.  I burn 4 hours and when the wax has re-solidified I weight it again. I know know the amount of wax burned by that type/size of wick per that specific burn period.  An example looks like this:


8oz Tin     NW Elite 200    Eco6    10%FO      5.2 beg wt. |  1.4 end wt. | burn rates -  .5  |  .4  |  .3  |  .3  |  .3  |  .6  |  .3  |  1.1  (this one was 3hr initial burn, then 2 hour burns)

8oz Tin     4630                  HTP 41   0%FO     4.7 beg wt. | still burning  |  burn rates- .4  |  .4  |  .6  |  .4  |  (this is doing 4 hour burns each time)


I'm thinking if you follow the first line, it appears my candle is burning more up front, then consistent for three burns, then a big burn, and then two smaller burns.



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Most times the burn period is the same. I wouldn't evaluate rows so different burn times. Yes, I let it cool down enough. I'm testing from 6-10pm each night. One burn period. 


I have continuted to weigh weigh after each burn session. I added rows of "standard" rate of burn per the different wick mfg. I'm not getting a definitive answer yet, but if I look at several rows of the same item (wax/wick/fo%) and see it burned .6-.7 and I can calculate a Eco 2 at the same burn time is .7 then I feel like that's something. If mine is showing .4 for example I'd conclude it might be burning too cool, or whatever conclusion I come up with. I'll share the file if I think it's turning out helpful data to look at. 

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