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Hi Everyone,

My Name is Natasha but you all can call me Tash 🌞

🌞I'm 34, married for 10 1/2 wonderful years and I have two boys Samual 12 & Aaron 8.

🌞Im NEW to this forum, if never been a member of one before so sorry if I ramble on 🤡.

🌞I got into making Soy Melts First as I bought some from Scentsy and they weren't lasting and also I got burned from accidently tipping it over - then I vowed I was going to learn how to make my own then that were safe & not burn anyone, of course i tested them before i made them as with everything i make to sell or gift for birthdays etc & add new products from there, one of my clam shell cubes will last up to 8 days based on a 8 hour melting time 

🌞I'm very passionate about my business and alot of love & perfection goes into each product. 🌞When I Make something for the first time I always make a tester and have 2 poeple plus myself test the product before making larger batches 😊

Iv owned my business now for 4 1/2yrs.

🌞I make and sell the safest Candles & Soy Melts In Australia plus various body Products at affordable prices that suit this current economy and I'm having trouble with 2 Subjects.

🌞1: Selling

🌞2: Soy Wax Substitute 


🌞Starting with number #1

My products are only made with love & Natural ingredients, i have them as low as I can have them.

🌞I only make between 30 cents aud to $1 (Dollar) aud - I include ingredients, I Make to order, I have several payment options example: Direct Bank Deposit, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Weekly Pay Off for orders $50+, Cash On Pick-up & I deliver for free up to 15 minutes from my home, I also have a Free Postal service for Brisbane City, Rural & Local.

🌞I have Events on my page to help raise money for Cervical Cancer, Australian Defence Force Tracker & War Dogs Association, All Cancers, Autism, Easter, Christmas 12 days of Giveaways & Games - I invite 142 of my friends but only ever 2-4 Say they are coming and I'll have 2-3 Say there interested and the rest do nothing but yet I don't have sales.

🌞When I hold Events or Fundraisers I say that the cause will get between 85% - 90% of sales leaving noting really for me to make. I'm on Buy/Swap & Sell Sites in Facebook, Australian Company called Carousell & Gumtree.

🌞My prices are low but that doesnt mean that my product is low in Quality, i know its the total opposite, my product Quality is of Very High Standards.



With problem Number #2

I use Ecosoya CB135 Soy Wax because it has a excellent scent throw even when the Melter or burner isn't on and I can use it in my body Products like the following because it's been dermatology tested to be safe for all skin types, but they've changed there name to Quantum 220 to replace the CB135 - I can't get any as where I get my supplies from are saying "SOLD OUT" - I was wondering if one of the GOLDEN Wax can be used at all in my products are perform the same way as it seams to be the only type of wax that is available. I have around 3kg of Ecosoya CB135 Soy Wax left till I can get a substitute. What makes me very cranky is people buy alot from suppliers then sell it on ebay and mark it up from $10 to $15 + postage which is wrong and those people need to be reported. People even do it with the Melt and Pour Bases.

🌞There's someone on ebay that is selling a 490g Melt & Pour Soap base for $17 + postage from and it's a Aussie candle supplies brand as it still has the wrapping on it and if bought through ACS it costs $5.90 - BIG Difference - iv reported and taken screen shots and emailed it to the company but there's nothing they can do, so eBay has told me to keep reporting people like that as they will have to remove there ad if they get enough reports against them.

🌞CAN someone guide me into which Soy Wax I can use plz.

🌞I don't use Palm or Parrafin Wax at all 😊 Plz if you go to Facebook and see my page could you please share it to your wall, I can do discounted International Postage and fund the fastest and cheapest post for you.

🌞If anyone has any ideas on how I could sell my products and have a constant income from it that would be great..

🌞Should I lower or make my prices higher.

🌞Everything is Made of Natural Products. My Business Quote

"My Products are Naturally Organic Yet Very Affordable"

🌟Luscious Lip Balms $3

🌟Scented Massage Candles-Oxford Jars with heart on them $7 frosted or Clear Votive Jars $5

🌟Insects Away Balm (15g $3 or 30g tub $5.50) - Eases Ant Bites, keeps Mosquito's away, sand fly bites, insect bites in general - if allergic to certain insect SEEK Medical Attention - this balm can be used on Hives after Antihistamine has been given.

🌟 Safest Scented Candles with beeswax - Votives in Clear or Frosted Jars $4.50 - comes in 21 different scents (beeswax is known to take the ions out of the air that cause allergies & Respiratory infections)

🌟Sleep Easy Temple Balm 15g twist stick $3 - No more sleeping tablets needed with this balm, rub a little bit under your nose at bedtime or in a relaxing bath and you'll drift away to fairy land 

🌟Night Face Treatment 30g Tub $6 or 65g Tub $9 - smoothens fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, helps Your Face get it's natural Glow back,

🌟Eczema Balm 15g Twist tube $3 or 30g Tub $5 - see results in just 3 DAYS by using day & Night

🌟Bubble Bath Bombs $5

🌟Fizz In A Jar $5 - only a teaspoon needed for long lasting bubbles - jar will last for 15 baths if using just 1 teaspoon.

🌟Melt & Pour Lavender infused with Calendula & Bentonite Clay Cake Soaps $5 - it's size is literally a piece of cake

🌟Lickable Lip Scrubs $2.50 - in 5 Flavours

🌟Magic Healing Balm (15g Twist tube $3, 30g Tub $6 or 50g tub $10) - For Minor wounds, Cuts, Abraisions, Minor key hole surgery (laparoscopy) Helps heal the site faster and helps keep a antiseptic barrier over the site.

🌟 Baby Bum Balm (15g $4, 30g $6)- Helps heal irritated skin like nappy rash & can also be used as a every day barrier balm.

🌟Scrubby Dog Soaps $2

🌟Cat On Heat Calmer Spray 100ml $2

🌟Cat/Kitten Wash 200ml $3

⭐Loofah Scented Soaps $2.50

🌟Coffee Scrub Cellulite Soap $2.50

🌟Vapour Rub (30g $4) - does the same job as Vix but isn't as strong and doesn't burn the skin - mine has Lavender, Vanilla & Peppermint in it.

🌟Safest Soy Wax Melts/Tarts in Clamshells $5 or different shapes like Ducks, Mini Flowers, Mini Balls, Mini Squares, Sphere Halves, Mini Hearts, Mini Chocolate Truffles (50 cents each or 10 for $4.50) 

🌟Scoopable Wax (40g tin $5)

🌟Scented Goats Milk Bodywash 200ml $3

🌟Scented Aromatherapy Massage Balm (30g Tub $4 or 65g Tub $7)

Plus more products. I only make Melt and Pour Goats Milk, Aloe, White & Clear Based Soaps.

At Christmas I Make up:

🌟The Night Before Christmas Packs $25- For Kids

🌟Adult Christmas Packs Mini $20, Medium $40 & Deluxe $70

All Year I Make to order: 

🌟Spa Jars $15

🌟Pamper Packs- Mini $10, Medium  $20 & Deluxe $65

🌟Gardeners Rescue Soaps On a Rope Pack $10

🌟Hen's Night Packages - Medium $25 & Deluxe $50

Any help would be appreciated 



Tash 🌻

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Have you tried Etsy or Shopify to try and get more traffic looking at your products? Do you have festivals or fairs in Australia? Here in the states we call them craft fairs or craft markets depending on area. Thats a good place to start. I dont think just trying to sell on Facebook will get you everything you want, although people do do well on FB.

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