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  1. Looks great! What wax are you using that you need a double wick in that container might I ask?
  2. If you watch any of the candle reviewers on you tube, basically its them telling everyone that a FMP needs to happen ASAP. They give bad reviews if it doesnt "pool out" immediatly. There are many, many candle reviews with hundreds of thousands of watchers, who then go and tell their facebook groups and friends and so on...its REALLY unsafe to have a FMP so early on, but thats what these reviewers are telling the masses. I will continue to make a safe candle vs a quick burning one tyvm
  3. Thanks. I plan on testing some of the coco-apricot wax blwnds ive been reading about and will maybe get the sample pack to try
  4. Any updates on these wicks Moon? I need a shorter/fatter wick for my blend, currently every wick I try in my blend has a straight/tall flame and it starts to throw soot at the slightest flicker
  5. The wick is a zinc core, so the wick itself is standing upright its just the flame that is bent over itself. It does the same thing on the Kringle 2 wick with their wicks also which are not zinc core, more like Premiers. Ive tested the both candles in the middle of the house, and in a small bathroom with door closed and its the same either way, flame is just bent over and scorches the wax. Bummer
  6. Jar: 31 ounce Libbey cylinder. 5.5" tall by 4" wide. Double wicked. The wax is about half-way down burned now, and the flame instead of standing upright, is now just bent over. Its bent over so much that it is now touching the wax pool and causing discoloration from the burnt wax. I also have a 2 wick Kringle jar in their "status" style which is almost the same dimensions as listed above. I am also at the half-way point in the burn and the flames ALSO bend over in that jar. Everything else is working fine, throw is fantastic, but the candle just turns discolored and looks like tur
  7. That depends really on what the changes are. To make any changes to the vector graphic itself you would need the original .ai file, and even then any design changes may be more than what I am capable of doing. I am teaching myself bit by bit Can you maybe link a .jpg image of the vector graphic and explain what changes you would like? And as far as being transparent, if there is access to the .ai file, all that needs to be done is to set the background as transparent Hope this helps, but probably not lol
  8. Can you share any more information Candy? Thats a bit vague tbh, but I am always working in Adobe Illustrator so I might be able to help. I am no graphic artist though, I just make my own labels instead of hiring someone
  9. I have heard this mentioned before...does this actually work? And yes, my first tester indeed had a cavity just below the surface which I poked at and then refilled with the leftover wax. How does the "flip" work with having my wick retainers in place? Is it ok by this point to remove the retainer and do the flip? Hmm The 31 oz Libbey cylinder is indeed a massive jar. I really love the 2-wick status type jar that Kringle offers, the one with the nice big label ya know. So Im using that as an inspiration for a tall multi-wick jar that is also straight sided and that 31 cylinder seem
  10. Wow, such a thoughtful and intelligent response. Many thanks TT. For starters, I believe I went well over the FO% I should have at 8%. The next one I will for sure drop to at or below 6% and see how that is. At 8% the CT was amazing, stronger than most soy blends I have been using. As for reference, my "endgame" will be the 31 oz. Libbey Cylinder Jar, so it will indeed be taller than wider. I will either double wick, or if need be it can be triple wicked. Although once you start going 3 wicks in this jar you have to be pretty darn sure about not over wicking as it is
  11. Ive been making candles for many years now and have never considered palm candles to be a "contender" in the market compared to either Paraffin or Soy. So my question is, do palm container candles have the ability to compete, meaning...do they have a good enough scent throw and are they able to hold scent like Soy or Paraffin. I only ask this because I am confused as to how palm does with fragrance, whether it be hot or cold throw. Some distributors claim max fragrance load is 3%, another claims it is 9.5%. (This is in reference to IGI R2322A GLASS GLOW PALM CONTAINER WAX) So I am not sure w
  12. Not exactly sure what caused all this..but a 24hr cure on 464 is no where near long enough for the wax to be fully hardened. The golden rule of thumb for this type soy wax is a MINIMUM of 2 weeks for a cure, then start your testing. If you want to, make two testers and burn one at the 1-week mark, the other at the 2-week mark.
  13. Recently I have been toying with the idea of making a specific line of wick-less/flame-less candles. Im curious as to what is all of your opinions on using hot plate type warmers vs a wick and flame. I personally prefer to use my hot plate and avoid the flame all together, mostly to avoid any sooting from store bought candles and secondly as a safety precaution around my cats who like to jump up on the table and get curious. I guess what Id like to know is, do any of you folks sell wick-less versions of your jars or make a specific wick-less candle? Do you personally like using
  14. A lot of that falls on the folks hosting said event too. If they market that event as crafts made by local artisans then thats what should be there. If they then allow companies from far away to fill empty booth slots, then they should at least make an effort to say otherwise
  15. Working on burn shots as I type this. I found a 100 year old piece of wood in the rafters of my garage, so I am refinishing it little by little. I will use that as a prop base to take some good photos on if it comes out the way I want it. EDIT: Also, Im not entirely sure if they are vegan or not nor have I ever understood the benefits of calling it that. A clean burning candle, whether vegan or not, is my main goal.
  16. Lol yes, I mentioned above that I am camera shy and usually the one BEHIND the camera, so unfortunately that is the most recent photo I have of the two of together, that was good enough to put in the about me. But yes, she is now college age, not preteen like the photo and an Astrophysicist studies all things to do with the universe. Her intellect is "out of this world" 🤣
  17. Very good advice thank you. I actually have a list of “unusual” candle names and matching fragrances that as i grow I will be adding.
  18. Thats not really bad at all though. Honestly, if you cant meet a minimum quantity of 500 labels or $200, you probably shouldnt be using a printing shop to do your labels. You would be better off printing yourself at home. Just my opinion, take it how you may If, however, you do decide to meet the minimums the quality of a print shop is well worth it. You can really start to use some nicer paper stock materials that you would not normally have access to when printing at home.
  19. Wow, that would be so awesome to have local connections like that for raw organic product. Lucky you!
  20. Thats not a description though, those are the SEO tags. Search Engine Optimization. Etsy gives you 13 "tags" and they are supposed to be keywords that someone might type into the Etsy search bar. So, if someone types in "Industrial gift" I have a better chance of showing up in their searches. There are only so many keywords I can think of without being repetitive, so I thought INDUSTRIAL would be an ok tag. Im still working on my SEO keywords, so I was going to try to find a better one to replace that soon. I just am mind stuck lol Thanks for the feedback!! Any suggestions on SEO
  21. Thanks CR! I'm going into this not having any expectations, just enjoying the ride is all. I have a well paying full time job that I cannot walk away from any time soon, so any sales, if any...will just be that little extra. I do festivals and fairs all year, and do rather well at them. But not sure if that success will ever translate into the digital world. Only time will tell
  22. Lol, thats the funny bit. There is no story. Sometimes its just a name. I was just dabbling in illustrator making some logo designs, made that one and set it aside for about 6 months. Came back to it and had a fresh look at it again, then noticed that to me anyways, the lion looked really bitter looking. Like he was squinting or mad lol. Then I said out loud, dam that looks like one bitter lion. VOILA, it stuck. 🤣
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