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Soapmelter tank


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Does anyone use a tank like the ones from Soapmelters.com for melt and pour? 


I am thinking of investing in one this year as I think it will pay for itself in time/efficiency quite quickly. I wondered if anyone had good and bad comments about them..... apart from the price :)

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If you plan to sell a lot of M&P soap over the next few years it might be something that pays for itself over time. For a melter I just use a large rice cooker I bought at Walmart. Made M&P soap for many years using one. Had to replace it once but its a cheaper way to go.


A lot of soapers start out with M&P then go on to make CP as they get tired (like me) of bases being out of stock, prices going up including huge shipping costs, not being in control of the ingredients that go into the base, suppliers being out of stock of your base, etc, etc.


So if you think in the future you may want to change soaping methods and learn CP you could go with the cheaper rice cooker. I used to make 60 lbs of soap a day in my rice cooker. I could make more but get tired late after a few hours.

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Candybee, thanks for this great reply.


I do sell a lot of M&P. I read about rice cookers but wasn't sure if they need to be watched and stirred, but if you made so much a day in yours it sounds like it may work for me right now for 30-50 pounds a day .


I will get to CP as well as some point, but right now I have 2 blind dogs and have constantly "redirect them" and they take my attention away from what I am doing so it wouldn't work.

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