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Best 8oz Jelly Jar Wick?

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   I've been using Eco wicks (tried ECO 6, 10 & 14) for my 8oz jelly jar candles (C3 wax) but I really don't like the smell of the burned wick and in some cases the wick seems to have altered the candle scent once burned (CS Blueberry changed from nice to nasty after the first burn and I think it's the wick). I've considered making a change before  but hesitated since maybe it's going to be a big deal, but I think it's timeI give another brand a try. I would very much appreciate any recommendations for a good size and brand wick for 8 oz jelly jar  soy candle. Thanks!!!!!!!!! ?

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26 minutes ago, Becky said:

From what I remember I think I used HTP93 with that wax and jar,  but that was years ago...never had luck with those ECO's....

Thank you! I'm getting an order together and I'm grateful you answered in time for me to add wicks! 




































































































































































































































































































































































































































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