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  1. Thank you for going to the trouble to dig them out. I've been wanting to try mixing my own parasoy so I'm thinking I might blending 444 with #5 paraffin from California Candle Supply and see what happens. I'll be sure to post pictures! Thanks again ? ?
  2. I'm very curious about coconut wax but can't find much information on what it's like to deal with. Has anyone here had experience with it and if so, were you happy with the hot throw and consistency? Would you recommend it? Thank you for any info?
  3. Thanks so much for answering. I was just trying to decide whether I should go ahead and try 444 and whether I should buy dye. So glad I checked in here because now I know to skip the dye and glad to hear the hardness is fine and that it holds scent. Thanks! ?
  4. Whoops, I said gorillas instead of orangutans, not the first time I've mixed up the two. Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to answer. I'm so glad to know there is an organized effort being made to figure out how to farm palm more humanely. You've convinced me to go ahead and try palm and frankly, I'm relieved. I make soy container candles but I've been longing to try wax that has a greater hot throw for the melts. Now I can. Thanks again! ?
  5. I know, weird title. The thing is, I would have tried palm wax a while ago but I saw stories saying the palm industry was responsible for shoving gorillas out of their habitat and that it was having a devastating effect on them. I ALSO read that was a lie perpetuated by the soy industry who is of course, a competitor. I have no idea what to believe, but I'd love to try palm for melts if I can do it without making gorillas sad ??! Has anyone here been able to decipher the truth about this? Thanks for any info?
  6. Hi. Does anyone know if 444 works for melts and whether it needs additives? Thank you for any advice ?
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a source of phthalate free heather FO and having some difficulty. Has anyone here found a good source and do you like it if you've tried it? Thanks for any info! ?
  8. Thanks for answering. I actually feel relieved to know it's not practical, so much less worry. ?
  9. Hi all, I'm trying to decide whether or not to sell internationally. Having a larger market would be great, but shipping candles a great distance concerns me since there's more opportunity for them to break or melt. Is it worth the risk? Thanks for any advice! ?
  10. I feel so stupid, of course that's the way to do it! I can't think why that didn't occur to me. Whew, this I can handle! Thank you so much ?
  11. Hi all, After yet more delays I'm finally starting to list my candles on ETSY but am a bit unsure if I've done the weight right on the labels and in the listings. I understand we are required by the FDA to list the NET weight on the labels, but being a math imbecile I'm not sure I have it figured right. I'm using Candlescience 8oz jelly jars and C3 soy wax. I think maybe 7.07oz net weight is right, but I'm SO not sure. To those of you that have used 8 oz jars, does this sound anywhere near reasonable? At least in the ballpark? As you can see in the photo I totally forgot about weight on the labels but luckily I haven't printed them in them in bulk yet. Also, the weight of the entire candle (jar, wax, lid) is really around 12.9 oz. Should I list that weight in the listing along with the net weight or is that likely to confuse customers? I'd be really grateful for any advice! Thanks?
  12. Thank you very much for this invaluable advice! It never occurred to me to double box or to actually practice drop. I have a tone of test candles that I can use for that. ?
  13. Hi, I'm just about ready to start selling my jar soy candles online, so it's time to figure out how to get them to people safely and neatly. I'm wondering if I should go the packing peanut, bubble wrap route or maybe use honeycomb paper wrap and brown craft paper. Maybe something else? The candles themselves are not individually boxed, so they need good protection. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks! ?
  14. Now, that's interesting! I tried hair spray and it ran, but I never thought of clear matte spray paint. Thank you, I'm going to see if the local hardware store has it. ?
  15. Thanks for this info. I was mistaken when I said I have an Epson, that was the brand of the last printer we had (brain glitch), we have a Cannon Pixma now. The thing guzzles ink like a V8 engine. After what you've said about being able top use Dura Bright ink, I think we should go back to Epson as soon as we can. ?
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