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Best base?


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So I'm an old member but I am wanting to get back into soap making after 5-6 years off. So wondering how much has changed when it comes to MP bases, is SFIC still the better/best or did another supplier come up with something newer and better? I want something with good lather, good moisturizing and isn't soft. It's just going to be a hobby ( my stress reliever ) But I have sensitive skin as well as my kids. I always used goats milk in the past, but whatever base will give the the best combination of those I will use. And after all this time please tell me someone now sells CP bases?? LOVED doing CP but I just dont have the time these days to dedicate to making it from scratch anymore. I've done numerous searches but I'm not having much success yet because I'm not used to this new format for the site. Thanks in advance! 

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SFIC has come up with newer bases since when you last soaped.  They now have a Palm-free base, and Organic bases.  They are as good as the others.  IMO it's still the best on the market.  WSP has come up with some more natural soap bases but after testing them out I will stick to SFIC.  Have you tried mixing the shaving soap with the goatmilk base or just adding goatsmilk to the shaving base?  I think the closest you'll get to CP bases is still the low-sweat base.  I don't particularly like working with them, but will do for some of my wholesale accounts due to shipping and their location which is high humidity. 

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