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I know some here have posted that Scentsy is "a bad word". I am grateful that they invested in all the marketing they did to make scented wax melts much more commonplace. They spent all the money to accomplish that which makes what I do easier and less expensive to promote. I am also grateful that they make a nice enough product. Just nice enough that most all of us can make better wax!

I never get into a conversation about why my product is "different than" or "better than" any other brand. That is too subjective and can be unprofessional and disrespectful.

Rather, I talk about my product. Something I know in depth. I have done enough testing that I can explain that I blend my own waxes, am exacting about scent blends and also the process to make them. So, I advance my product without having to knock another.

Of course, you will want to have done the work and made the investment in testing such that you can be confident in what you say about yours. 

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BECAUSE I have been told several times in the past that my tarts and candles etc smell so much better and last longer than Scentsy, Virginia and Yankee candles does, I tell them (I live by this and am very truthful about what I say) that I make all my products the way that a true responsible candle maker etc is supposed to (we have ALL heard the stories of companies that their products scent wise do not last long.. we KNOW that a lot of big candle candle makers lightly scent most of the candles they make and then lay on the scent that coats the outside (ie pillars) or top of the candles that the consumer smells and then as the candle burns off the top layer the scent is just not there...I have heard this MANY times.). I tell them that when I began making candles, tarts etc that when I first started this, that I was going to be the best that I could be at this. I tell them that I use and purchase the best products out there (and I do). I tell them that I buy the best fragrances out there (I do), and I will NEVER sell them a product that I do not feel is top notch as I plan on doing this until I can no longer limp out to the Candle Cave. :) I have a lot of pride in all of the things that I make which a lot of people do not and never will.  There is plenty of room for ALL of us awesome and great candle makers, tart makers, etc out there that make these types of products and I welcome the challenge and the competition because that makes me want to be BETTER and offer my customer the BEST out there and work hard to do it. :) If you work hard and offer the best.....no one and I mean NO ONE will be able to hold a candle (pun intended) or tart (:D ) to your company. :) Seriously....it is NOT hard to beat and put out a better product than the big boy companies. Do your homework, word hard to create the best products to offer your customers and have pride in what you offer....the rest will take care of itself....believe me...it will.  Great question TLLOM. :)

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Guest OldGlory

I would say that all tarts use a wax and a fragrance, and in that way they are pretty much the same. Maybe not the same wax, maybe not the same fragrance oils. I have been in sales my entire life and I could give customers an earful of features and benefits, but I don't. I won't say that yours are better or worse than mine.


For me, the truth is in the customer's experience. The experience of fragrance is completely individual. If you take 5 people and ask them to describe how a candle/tart smells, you'll get more than one explanation and more than one level of satisfaction. It's not black and white. It's not just whether or not someone likes the fragrance, it's how their nose perceives the fragrance that influences their choice. If they don't smell what I smell, they might like/dislike what I dislike/like. That is universal... doesn't matter what the brand is.


I encourage buyers to try new things, be open to new experiences, and keep what works for you.

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I would say the main differences would be fragrances, price, and wax. Our prices are lower due to our margins being smaller, because we don't have to pay a percentage to a direct sales rep. Our fragrances will be similar but not exactly like theirs. Wax, say they use Paraffin well which one? Nobody knows so you can't say you use their wax.


If you were actually asked that question that's how I would answer it, now if you are using it as a marketing strategy I think that's tacky.

I don't understand why people think they have to put down another candle maker or industry to make a buck.

I'm not saying that those marketing their products as such don't sell anything, cause they do. I mean there's a sucker born every min.


I've been making candles for almost 11 years, I've never put another chandler down nor another business that sells candles such as Direct Sales.

If anything if a customer is asking for a scent that I don't offer say at a craft show but I know that there's another chandler there I tell them to see if they have that scent. I'm a firm believer in helping others succeed will help me succeed.

That's just my 2 cents.










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You guys are the best.... I'm gearing up to launch and had a friend of a friend that used to be a scentsy consultant stop by ... We got to talking about me doing craft fairs etc... And she told me I need to be able to explain how my product was different/better than scentsy "cause you can bet there will be a scentsy booth there and people will ask."

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