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help please..dying soy wax

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I have been making candles for only 6 years, so to me I am still very very new. I was wondering how on earth do some of you color your soy wax and it NOT fade or look frosted after a while. I use some fo that turn my soy yellow, guessing from the vanilla content? So I need to color some to avoid that. Any suggestions or help or direction would be a blessing. or should I go paraffin? Thats another whole different discussion lol

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Well..... There are many on here that.have successfully colored soy- I am not one of them - I leave mine dye free

I think a lot depends on the type of soy you use along with they type of dye- your temps and your cooling process - way too much involved for me to even try and go there again!

I dye parasoy no problem so that's my happy medium

The yellow in your soy could be the FO- I recently had my lilac turn my candles a pinkish which is pretty cool but not so cool when I tested one to make sure it was the same- they changed the formula and it does not burn the same so I am now on a quest to find a new lilac

It could also be sunlight turning them yellow - I have this happen a lot and I have purchased UV inhibitor but have not used it yet afraid it will affect my burns and I have zero patience to retest all my fragrances once again.....so I tell my customers they get a dyed candle for no extra charge- it doesn't affect the throw or burn (trust me when I first saw this I flipped out and pulled them all off the shelf and starting power burning them thinking they would explode or something) and they buy them anyways when I explain soy turns yellow when sitting over time in direct sunlight

I have been doing this since 2008 I still run into issues- questions and problems of some sort, learning something new every day

Hopefully someone can help out with your inquiry on soy and dye, but in my soy, 415 I have come to the conclusion that's it's just too ugly to keep trying- lol and it makes it easy peasy to make them without another step or mess but I do love color so I started a parasoy line in a different jar and I just love how the color works in that wax

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I use GB 464. I stir at 185 uv inhibitor then dye then fo. I've used liquid, dye blocks, and reddig glo chips.

I pour at 130 to 125 in 12 oz unheated jars that were cleaned with ammonia. I put a large box over them while they cool. Doing this I have minimal wet spots and frosting. It does occur sometimes but not often and so far about 3 months in no new ones have shown up. My house is also temp controlled at 73 and they are in the middle room which is the stablest in heat.

I doubt it's possible to have frost and wet spot free candles but this is the closest I've got.

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I love the dye chips. I do get some frosting but I make a royal mess with the liquids. Dye blocks are nice also. Some say it is harder to replicate batch to batch but I usually just use 2 per lb. The liquid dye is just so messy and some of it smells horrible. One time my dropper was clogged and I was looking to see what was wrong with it and I squeezed again. Well I looked like the jolly green giant for almost a week. Ack!

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