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Benzoin Scent

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Has anyone ever used a Benzoin scent? I work in a hospital and one of our doctors made a joke about me making a benzoin candle for her. Well I googled it and couldn't believe there actually is an essential oil out there of it. If you've used it, does it really have a medicinal scent to it?

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Benzoin extract smells a little sweet and somewhat like vanilla. Benzoin is a powerful sensitizer, so not many people use it these days.

I have resin i burn over charcoal tablets and don't believe it smells medicinal, though legends say the smoke helps clear the air.

I also have the bottled extracted resin. It's sticky like pitch and won't mix into candle wax easily. You could try the solvent extraction (ethanol) but not sure the ethanol is a great choice for candles. Some say diluting into castor oil or fractionated coconut oil allows it to mix more easily with the wax.

Now, the real challenge is getting any scent from resins in a candle. Basenotes like resins just don't get into the air.

Here is a thread from basenotes that may give you a few ideas:


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