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Losing scent throw in bottom half of candle


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Any ideas why I might be losing scent throw towards the bottom half of the candle? The latest scents I'm testing start off nice and strong and then start to weaken the lower the wax gets in the jar. The wicks seem to be the right size. The melt pool doesn't reach the edge on every burn but stays pretty caught up with no hang up. If I wick up, they seem to burn a little too hot.


Jar: 8 oz square mason

Wax: Ecosoya CB135

Wicks: CDN12/CD12

Scents that I'm having trouble with: Lemongrass and Sage, Carmel Apple - both from Peaks. 

~7% FO


Any ideas? I don't think it's candle nose either because I put them away for a while and came back to them....still smelled much weaker.


Thanks in advance!


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Usually towards the middle of the candle I get a very shallow melt pool (1/8"?) for a couple of burns. Then towards the bottom quarter it picks up again (1/4"). By the last few burns it's a little deeper and the jar gets hot (but not too hot) so I've been wicking for that bottom portion. At that point, the scent is still just not strong enough. It's almost like the scent is just all used up by that point. 

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Guest OldGlory

My first thought is that the fragrance is burning off, but I don't know for sure.

Can you give two identical testers to unbiased people (not family) and ask them to burn them each day for 3 hours, doesn't have to be consecutive days, and keep some specific notes? Does the candle burn all the way across in 3 hours? How deep is the melt pool at the end of the 3 hours? On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being weak and 10 being strong, how is the fragrance throw after the 3 hours? Unbiased feedback can tell us a lot. You already know the answers to the technical stuff, but have them keep that info too so they are paying attention to the whole process.

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That was my first thought as well that the fragrance is burning off or that the wick is clogging in the middle- those types and sizes for that jar seem to be correct, that is what I have used in 464 and 415

I do know when I used 135 the wax burns a lot softer - have you tried wicking down at all? Or another type of wick- I used the LX series in this wax

What are your heat temps and our temps and when are you adding the FO? Does it look incorporated when you pour?

Have you tried other scents with these wicks successfully?

135 makes a very nice candle however I found they had to cure for weeks to get a good throw and they were more FO's that didn't play nice than not and I gave up and moved on but I am not saying that's what you should do- it's a good wax and I have some here still and I have the peaks lemongrass....if I have time this weekend I will make a couple up with those wicks and see what I find

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 I have tried wicking down and they are much too small and don't give off the same strong throw. As it is, I'm getting a small flame midway through the candle (maybe 2-3 burns towards the middle of the candle) but then it picks up again and looks great for the last portion of the candle.  I didn't think it could be a curing issue because the first part of the candle lets off a very strong throw. 


I stir A LOT (is it possible to stir too much??) so I'm pretty confident the scent is incorporated in. 


My first thought was that the fragrance is burning off too but how, and why? And how would you avoid that? I would think that if the scent is fully incorporated then all of the unmelted wax would still be holding it's scent?


I have had a couple other people comment on the same thing (without me mentioning it first) so unfortunately, I think I have those unbiased opinions already. :(


I could try using more FO but my experience with that in the past was even less hot throw. And I've heard that Carmel Apple is so strong (and it starts off that way) so it just baffles me!

Chris - are you saying that when you use less FO some scents are stronger in the beginning but weaken with each burn? 


As far as the wick type, I do have LX that I could try. If you get to that Moonshine, let me know what you find out!

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Em Jean, I'm experiencing the same thing... I have also found adding more FO (more than 8%) makes it worse and I am confident that I am to overworked and that I am stirring really well.  Were you ever able to crack this? 

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