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Status Jars Brands

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I recently purchased Anchor brand 12 oz status jars.  Previously I was using Libbey's brand but switched distributors due to cost of jars and shipping.   I see that the Anchor jar is about 1/8" of smaller in diameter than the Libbey jar. Does anyone think this 1/8" will make a difference in the way I currently wick?  I plan on testing but would appreciate your opinions.  Thanks...  

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Guest OldGlory

It could change your wicking needs, yes. In my 8 oz tins, using 464 with dye and FO, 1/8 of an inch in the amount of hangup on the side of the tin would change my wick.

Before you do anything though, find out if both are "inside" measurements or "outside" measurements, or measure each yourself. One mfg could be measuring from inside the jar and one could be measuring from the outside, and in the end they could be identical.

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Both jars are advertised as 3" but one supplier says 3" outside.  When I measured the inside with a ruler the Libby came in at 2-7/8" and the Anchor 2-15/16" so the Anchor is 1/8" bigger.   

It only took me 3X to get this, LOL, and I had to have my DH double-check me!!

These days my glasses need glasses !! :rolleyes:  

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