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Reusing a glass bottle for FO


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So I've read a thread on reusing glass bottles and how to clean them. The last FO in the bottle was a coffee blend and I cleaned that out and have sprayed the inside with rubbing alcohol. It is completely dry inside now but has the tiniest scent of sweetness left plus the smell of the rubbing alcohol too. I want to mix a floral blend in this bottle. So my question is- Will the new scent be affected at all by the alcohol smell or the original FO? Thanks for any help.

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Typically when I do this, I rinse them with vinegar and then gently boil them for about 5 minutes. I never have any residual scent left over from the last scent by doing it this way. 

Not sure if the residual scent left in yours will affect the next scent going in or not, but my first thought would be yes, it will. 

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