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Ever sell candles in an antique mall/store?

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I have and did really well till the owner saw how much I was selling and wanted a bigger piece of the pie so she became a distributer of a big name candle company and place those candles up front by the register. I was not the only one she did that too. I pulled my stuff and so did others this lady was out of business with in a year after that. 


Read your contract well make sure you can live with the terms and be ready to walk if they break those terms.

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I have a shop in an antique mall that is on the historic register. My shop is my own. I pay rent and all the money I make belongs to me. It is a store with a locking door, not just a booth or space. I come and go as I please. The mall is open every day but Monday, but I only open my store on weekends. All the stores are independently owned.


I've been there around 6 years, I think. I lose track of time, lol. When I first started there, business was booming, big time. I would sometimes literally have people waiting for me to open in the mornings and have had people chase me down if I left early. Then the economy crashed and one of the biggest vendors in the mall retired. Things kinda fell apart and sales suffered.


One of the other store owners says she goes to her store just to get out of the house and have something to do. I used to snicker at her, but it's gotten that way for me, too. I'm retired from the real world, but I can't just sit on my butt and stare at the TV. I've got to be making something and being creative; my store gives me an outlet even though I know I'll never get rich there.


My biggest complaint is that the precious little advertising the mall owners do is strictly for antiques. Over half the vendors have stuff that isn't in the antique  category.  If I want advertising for my products, I have to do it and pay for it myself. I would suggest if you are considering an antique mall, find out how the owners advertise and make sure you get equal attention.

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Thank you all very much for your replies.  I'm considering opening an antique shop or booth in a very "antiquey" town.  I'm not selling candles yet, but I've been testing for years and would like to add them to my lineup some day.  Excellent advice, all of it.

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