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10x Citrus and anchor EOs


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I have some regular and 5x citrus EOs but would like to find some really good 10x lemon and orange ones. Any ideas who carries these? My lemon completely faded so I think a 10x is what I need.. orange too!

Also, I just got some litsea cubeba because I read it helps 'anchor' your citrus scents. Since I never used it before what would be the proportion to the other oils I should use to start out with? Also, are there other EOs besides the litsea c. that help 'anchor' a scent?

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I love orange scents and have had trouble with them lasting in lotions. I just got the Orange 15x EO from WSP, and so far it is lasting longer then the other ones I have tried. I think Brambleberry has the Orange 10x too. I've tried some citrus scents from SC, and they do tend to be light, I like them a lot, but they don't seem to last long for me in lotion. You'll have to let us know your experience with the litsea cubeba, I haven't heard of that before, it would be wonderful if it would anchor the scent and help it last...

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