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Clarus 3022

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I did a search on here but because not many ppl use it, it only brought up a few pages of posts. So I wanted to ask those who do use it what you think? How does it compare to 6006? Do you feel the HT is better with 3022 verses 6006 or 415?

I figured starting up my business again I would go back to the 415, so far I haven't even ordered that. lol I did order a sample of the 3022 to test but wanted to see what you all thought of it. I have htp 104 and cd wicks to test with, will be pouring in 8 ounce JJ.

Now up to 4 waxes to test lol Not sure If I love or hate the researching/testing stage again lol

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The 3022 first hit the market distributed by Greenleaf. It was a huge success, as well as their fragrance oils and customer service. I've been using this wax for over 6 years and have attempted to dupicate it with my own formula but to no avail. Order the 10lb slab and heat to about 190 degrees and add your dye and stir 2 minutes and then fo and stir 2 minutes and pour into clean, warmed jars and place in a box for slow cooling. I normally use 6% fo load but on lighter scents use 7% and let cure for several days; although you can get a pretty decent ht/ct from day one. Clarus also offers their own version of 6006 which is very good too but I prefer the 70% soy 30% paraffin combination. I use cdn or cd wicks and almost all the ky fos from ah/re throw well. HTH


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Thanks Chuck. Do you add any extra soy to this at all? I ordered a sample, hope to get it soon! Also I will be wicking 8 oz jj and I have cd wicks, where do you suggest starting with wick size? I have never worked with paraffin so am a little more lost than usual, haha

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