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C-1 or C-3 ?

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I've been using C-1 in all my testing, trying various wicks and fragrance percentages. I'm just not happy with the hot throw. Has anyone tested both? I'm thinking of switching to C-3. It seems a lot of people use this. The main difference I can find is that the C-1 has some palm wax in it which I thought was supposed to help with hot throw.

Any thoughts on this?



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I've never used C1, only C3. IMO C3 is a finicky wax, to me it has great ct/ht but it must cure for at least a week or longer. This wax gets frosting/wet spots depending on the temperature it's poured. C3 works best when it's tempered, and you may have to add additives such as USA. After working with this wax since March 2012, I'm just now figuring out a formula that works for me. For me, I had to add this wax with another soy wax to get the consistency I wanted. It's a great wax that you will come to love, or hate lol.

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