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Bath Salts in Plastic


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I'm pretty new to the B/B stuff, and I was wondering... Do bath salts have to be stored in a special type of plastic? I'm a candle maker and know all about the plastics for that, but this is a whole new ballgame. :wink2: Does it matter what type of FO or EO I use? Thanks in advance!

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I think is really does depend on whether you use FO/EO. I use PET (which I'm pretty sure is recommended) for both my bath salts and bath milk and the FO/EO does not eat the plastic. I believe glass will work as well but I didn't want to have glass around a tub that could get knocked off and break. Not sure about HDPE. I have tried using tin tie bags and the ziplock coffee bags. Both work, I just didn't care for the look.

What you need to consider with EO is sensitivity. Things like peppermint can be a bit tingly on the lady bits if used in too high of a concentration. There are also IFRA guidelines that specify how much of an EO can be used due to the components in the EO. I am by no means an Essential Oil expert, so please do your research if using EO blends in your bath salts.

Hope this helps.


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You have to be careful with the F.O.'s too. Watch the recommended usage rate, lots of people are allergic to fragrance oils and can react to them. When you purchase your containers you should be able to get information from your supplier about which plastic work with F.O.'s and/or E.O's.

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