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Not so worried about my lighter scents anymore

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I have only been chandling for a couple of months, I have been trying and trying to get a better HT, got a decent one but was trying with C3 to get better......I am also making tarts.

Today I got two burners in the mail from Irvin's punched tin really cute high quality burners for a great price, and there were samples of tarts in the box, so I thought well I am going to see how my tarts stack up to these, I put a laundry day in sunroom and a carrot cake in living room went to pick up my daughter and when I came back the hot throw was so strong that I felt ill, I am not sure what kind of wax etc. , I appreciate the gift and the burners are wonderful, but I think I have decided that my HT is just right, I literally had to dump these out remove the trash bag from the house type loaded scent like I can taste it in my mouth still, maybe my taste has changed over the years to more zen scents than food etc. or maybe I just want a pleasant background scent and not smack me in the face when I walk in the door??

Anyway it made me happy with the C3 1 0Z PP kinda throw, no more searching to make em stronger. This girl is now happy with what I have been doing the last few months!!

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