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Ah/re pumpkin pie spice


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Hi All,

I just received my order of Pumpkin Pie Spice from AH/RE. It seems most people are looking for a more "pumpkin" scent and I am looking for some spice in the scent.

OOB I am not smelling too many spices. Does anyone know if you can smell the spices once you pour and candle cures?

If I wanted to add spices to the PPS FO like cinnamon and clove how many grams would I deduct to add in the clove and the cinnamon? (will be using 1 oz of oil and 1 lb. 4627).

Thanks for the help... -Terry

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Sorry, don't know what the Yank** Spiced Pumpkin smells like.... But the AH/RE pumpkin pie spice oob it smelled kind of bland like I needed to add more spice, kind of crusty. Put it straight in 4627 in sq mason jar with HTP-73. Cured it for a week and then lit in my bathroom (smallest room in the house). My overall opinion was that the scent was not strong enough for ME! (gave it a # 1 my own personal rating scale for scents) which is equal to not much scent. Did not mix with any other spices yet but intend to, not right now though.

Maybe it’s me but I have had absolutely no luck with any pumpkin scents. OOB I loved sweet pumpkin spice (Peaks) and also CS pumpkin spice—I’m on a pumpkin mission, LOL! Poured both the same way as above--unable to wick the sweet pumpkin spice because of jar overheating and soot (HTP-73 and 83 in sq mason) and the pumpkin pie from CS did not give off a strong enough scent either IMHO, all very disappointing. I almost gave up on Pumpkin scents when I decided to try one last one: Pumpkin Honey Chai (Peaks). It is awesome! It is so different and will fill a very large room and more in 4627. Love it!

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