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Intro & First Candles


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Hi everyone,

I've been thoroughly reading (obsessing) over the threads on this board for a few weeks (thanks for all the great info!) and have made my first candles.

They are made with 464, pumpkin FO, and orange dye in 8oz mason jars. I think they smell pretty darn good. Waiting until tomorrow to burn one.

Looking forward to roaming around on here a lot more and learning. Please feel free to critique.





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Welcome. from what I can see, you have a centered wick and the diameter looks good for a test. Flat top. For a first candle, it looks better than many I have seen on the market. Now for the real hard work, testing. Make sure start to finish it works well. Testing takes you beyond cosmetics to the level of a functional system that will work well.

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Thanks for the welcome and tips, everyone. It is definitely a fun hobby and can see an addiction forming. haha.

I'm a data wonk by nature so I naturally record just about everything I possibly can and there are great lists of things to keep track of on this board that I have borrowed generously from. Already have a notebook that I'm recording the different temps and measurements for each batch. I also label the jars with the batch number since they look identical to me.

Waiting 5 days to burn them seems like it will be the most difficult part of the process. :)

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