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I've got a bit of a cult following! LOL


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We moved across the country recently. When I left out west, I listed my clamshells on Facebook trying to get rid of some weight before the move. I had only sold at fairs and hadn't listed on FB! It was crazy, I sold almost everything.

Well, a friend from out that way tagged me in a photo of her last favourite melt (Morning Dew!) and I suggested she talk to the other girls and they could order if they wanted something and share the shipping! Oh my goodness. There's 6 girls now wanting to order! :o This makes me that much more nervous about my October show since this will clear out a bunch of scents! AHHH! Not that I'm complaining!

I haven't even officially listed anything online yet and I had a huge order last week from a girl I know via online (6 clamshells, 6 portion cups & 4 of my soy scoopable candle jars!!!) :shocked2:

I need to just nail down a final scent selection and order 16oz each. I'm pretty much out of all my best (just bought!) oils and now I think I'll need to make more for the fair! :undecided You US ladies are so lucky to have shipping within days. I have to wait a week-2 weeks!

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