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Votive labels

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I have a lady that ordered crap loads of votives for her store for the holidays....didn't have the heart to tell her I despise making these little suckers

Question is - she wants them in 4 pack boxes do I need to put a safety warning on the bottom of each votive this way or is it acceptable to put 1 right on the box? My fear is customer not taking it off before burning it- I have done this myself! Lol

Also my molds...I cleaned them all up with mold cleaner made a batch that turned out perfect and the same day poured another and the second batch had orange rust all over the bottom and some on the sides but the mold itself does not have rust...any thoughts on this?

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Maybe it is oil - it was Amish harvest I used

It does not look like rust - there is no rough spots or corrosion but now the wick pins are covered in a orangish yellow color- it's almost like the mold oxidized or something ...weird

Now I will have to clean them again and see if it happens again

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