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Burn testing

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So I have some questions about burn tests. I am testing 6 different candles at the moment. I am into my 5th time burning them. They are in 2 3/4" containers using GB 464 wicked with Eco wick 8 and Eco wick 10 with an FO load at 9%. So far it seems like the Eco8 is winning out. Candle Science recommends the Eco 10 as the best wick with this wax and container size. Although I do get a full diameter wax pool by 2 1/2 hours with the Eco8 it is not quite at 1/2 " deep but it has reached that by the 4 hr. mark. With the Eco10 by the 4 hr. mark my wax pool is closer to the 2" mark which to my understanding is wicked to large. Am I correct in think this? Right now I am burning them all at the same time so not sure about HT But will start burning them separately tomorrow for that. If the Eco10 is over wicked but I am getting a better HT what do I do then? Here are some at the 4 hr. mark. The ones on the left are Eco10 and both are right around 2" deep or a little under. The ones on the right are the Eco8 and right at 1/2" or a little more. These are also 6oz. containers

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Maybe try to wick with an Eco 6. This morning I am testing an eco 8 in an 8 oz jelly jar with 415, 4 drops of yellow dye per lb, 1 oz per lb of Bittercreek's Lemon Pucker. I am also testing a cd 10 in this "mixture" as well because by the time the wick/wax got down to the middle of the jar, I was getting soot and black smoke and my melt pool was too deep. I am also testing another candle in the same "mixture" in the premier 765 as well. I believe it will be overwicked by the time it gets down to the bottom of the jar. The flame is starting to get larger, but I will burn it all the way down to see. I have to be perfectly honest my eco 8 wick and cd 10 are burning about the same pace and I was under the impression that a cd 12 and eco 8 burned about the same. I guess you never know until you actual compare the two side by side. :grin2:

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