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Mushrooming on first burn only

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So using 4794 for votive. Using 44-24-18z. In the first burn, the wick get a substantial mushroom. however, after trimming the wick before second burn, the wick burns perfectly without mushrooming at all. Any reason behind this? Another confusing thing is the scent is a little stronger when the mushroom is there than it is after the wick is trimmed?

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A few thoughts. First, the FO is often the culprit for creating mushrooms. I'm guessing that you have heavy load and that some of it sweats out a bit at the top creating a higher concentration for the first burn?

I am also wondering if the FO isn't mixed well and is concentrated at that end of the candle. Unlikely though. I'm sure you stir in the FO thoroughly before pouring. I assume you are using a candle FO that is meant for candle wax.

Now I have noticed that the first burn is sometimes not the best. I mostly use wick material off a spool and either prime it myself or use it unprimed. The first burn does tend to rely on the priming more than the wax as far as saturating the wick. After the wick starts to burn down it gets a bit more saturated with the actual wax that you use and that might be less likely to mushroom.

However, I think the cause is more likely how the FO is acting with the wick. Might be the wick is somehow picking up the FO on the first burn.

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