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Firestarter packaging

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It's that time of year again and I've been saving my scraps all summer for firestarters. How do you package them? What works really well? I've reviewed old threads but was hoping someone would say they package in net bags and have a really wonderful supplier, since I'm really out of ideas online. Anyone use mesh bags? Or make baskets? What works best for you?

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I'm not so fancy. I use those small dixi cups at Costco that are like 2 ounces or so. I fill the cup half way with my firestarter materials (wood/wax) and stack them when they cool. I can get 6 in a ziplock sandwich bag. I put two ziplocks in a brown lunchbag (also cheap at Costco). The brown bag has warnings printed on it cuz it runs through my printer just like envelopes. So a bag of 12 for $4 bucks or whatever I can get is just fine. I end up giving most to friends who go camping in the winter.

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