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Palm wax pillar candles

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I have been trying to get my palm wax (Feather) pillars together and get some photos for my website but I have run into a small snag.

Sometimes they turn out with the "feather" pattern, sometimes they have no feather pattern. I have done them all the same but some to come out different.

Anyone got any ideas on this one?

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You need to insulate palm to get the best crystallization. I wrap my pillar molds in towels using a clothespin to hold them in place. I also cut cardboard to fit over the top. For glass containers, I warm my oven to around 140 with my jars ready to fill inside and turn it off after I start pouring. They cool slowly and it works perfectly.

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Yup, if the wax cools too fast, it won't feather as much. Some folks put them in a box or put a box upside down around the molds to hold in the heat a bit longer. I'm betting that the location of your two molds was such that one cooled faster than the other.

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