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I need help packing "tarts"/melts


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hello I am doing these tins with 12 tarts included for Christmas, each tart is a different scents I am a little confused on how to packsge them in the tin, I want to shrink wrap and place a label with scent name on each melt, but not sure any help? I am posting a picture of the tin and the tarts are the standard ones

post-14014-139458506203_thumb.jpgok these are the tins

post-14014-13945850621_thumb.jpgthis is one with the tarts made in mini cupcake liners but I didnt like the look so I am doing the tart molds....any help please I have a bazaar on the 22nd and would like to have these available.

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I use the lip and tape bags from gtbag - I believe the size is 2-3/4 X 2-3/4 and an individual melt fits perfectly and then I use the round labels for company info and scent

I can email you a picture if you want- I ant post pics for some reason on my phone to this forum

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