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Any bear dippers out there?


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Hi guys, I have a few questions if anyone can help.. I've been dipping some bears for gifts.. People are seeing them and asking to buy( also asking for diff kinds of animals)..I've been getting my bears from BCN..But they are taking awhile to ship and only have bears..

Thought I'd go to first&main so I did a quick research on the board and someone said you had to have a tax ID# and minimum order. I'm not even sure how to go about the tax ID thing and the post I read that in was from 2005 lol... And millcreeks variety is pretty limited..Any supplier suggestions would be appreciated.

And yes, I like the white bears the best too, dang it! lol..I've been trying to compile a list of FO's that work without discoloring...So far I have Mac apple, Christmas tree, baby powder, fresh linen, lavender and buttercream..If anyone knows of any others, please share.. I've been pouring one uncolored tart for each scent I open.. To see if they change colors but thats gonna take awhile for results... I'll eventually post that results list with a very specific title for easy research...

Ya know, reading past post I've seen many of you say you hate dipping bears(time consuming etc..) I didn't quite comprehend why, theyre so cute and a great idea..Well, I dipped 4 bears last night.. Each bear diff- Lilac, cranberry marmalade,clean cotton/downey10% and lastly misletoe.. The mistletoe did me in (insert green face here) lol..And I was wearing a surgical face mask..I had to stop there so I still have a rose and a mac apple to do today...

I have a new respect for the pics of 20 dipped bears lined up that Ive seen posted on the board..(Bowing to all the bear dippers)lol

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Hey guys, I went to CandleWic.. I don't see "white" liquid EVO dye listed just cream and Ivory...Is one of these the one you're referring to..Or you definitely mean "white" and they are just out?...

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