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need help renaming


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I am wantig to change the name of a couple of my scents. Michael Kors men fragrance and Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce men. Can anyone give me some suggestions. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. TIA

I'm bad when it comes to naming fragrances. BUT, having tried both of these I can offer my take on what they smell like to me. I doubt it will help in naming them though.

The first one, MK's cologne smells like "a lumberjack in a high-class business suit"

The second one, smells like "a slick Wall Street banker stuck chopping wood for his lumberjack friend."

They're polar opposites. Prince and the Pauper. Really!

One thought would be to combine them and see what that creates! Or sell them as a pair. Just a suggestion; if they aren't selling.

As far as names go I can't really help you. Sorry.

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