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white tea from NG...need help


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Anything really. I know it's in some archive of a suggestion I had a while back and I wish I could remember what to partner it with from then, but I can't and am being lazy about looking it up.

HOWEVER that said, I'm thinking:



Lily of the Valley

Mint (but don't let it overpower as mint likes to do)

Green Tea (soft with soft might make an interesting blend)

A fruit or fruit blend (not lime though ... it will overpower the WT)

Lavender (careful with this too or any floral really, but a 2:1 WT to whatever might keep the WT in place. Try it and try 3:1)


Apple (but I already said a fruit or fruit blend lol)

A spring rain scent OR possibly an oceanic one

It's something already paired with amber, so an amber would work

and actually a patchouli might work with it, but why tone down an already soft kind of scent.

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