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Shipping Tart Melts


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Lots of time I use the padded envelopes and they work.That is for smaller orders.Don't break and only had one complaint.She gave me such a hard time I never replaced them.Why? because she said she would send back the damaged goods but never did.I had the email.She then changed her story. She threw some in the trash.So she wasn't being honest.I told her I would even pay for shipping but she never would make things right.IMO she used them and was not being truthful. She ever threatened to send me to the better business bureau.I didn't budge.I had her emails.

I just mailed a large tart order.All arrived in good shape. I used the medium flat rate box. Stuffed with alot of newspaper and also put tarts in a bag for more protection.I guess my best insulation is newspaper which costs me nothing.


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I have a USPS medium flatrate box that was crushed and I mean really crushed by my friends at the Postal Service and the customer is telling me that my box should have been insulated.

All my business is done online, and I think this is the second time something got damaged this year.

Of course no one wants to buy insurance and it is my fault when something happens. Well I am just fed up with this and now everybody is going to buy insurance, I'll just add it to the shipping cost.

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