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Vanilla Bean Noel in Bulk??!!!


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I am planning on selling a wide range of VBN products such as CP & MP Soap, Lotion, Tarts and possibly a Balm or Mists. So vanilla would be the main scent and then mixed with other fragrances.

I have used the one from TCS a while ago and loved it. I will need to order a min of 25lbs or 35lbs which I am prepared to do for this scent.

I am sure I need to contact one of these suppliers -

Agilex or Trilogy or Belle Aire......

Does anyone know which of these will be able to supply me with Vanilla Bean Noel? I would love to avoid contacting them all and wasting 2 out of the 3's time:undecided

I am based in the UK and currently buy fragrances from Peaks, NG, BB and SW etc.

Any help would be fantastic!!!

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Thanks Sliverofwax, Sharon in KY and SuzyK for your helpful comments.

I would love to be able to buy bulk orders from TCS and the CandleStore and NG, but to be honest,I am very very nervous about doing so because what happens if they close up? They may carry on in business for years or they may close down or sell up. It is too much uncertainty for me especially with the printing and packaging costs I am going to incur for the range.

If I find the fragrance house in least I know that as long as I meet their min orders I will be fine. The price may go up due to ingredient costs, labour etc.but inleast I will know where I stand which gives me peace of mind.

If I cannot find the exact fragrance house to go to, I will contact them all, I just feel bad about wasting their time. Anyway, I guess this is just a step to go through in business.

Thanks again and if anyone does know, please please PM me, I would be prepared to pay for the information!lol!

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