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Lip Balm Process


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I recently tested a new lip balm base that I love.

I'm thinking of offering them as part of my line, however, want to touch base with your experts on requirements.

How long do you test?

What are safety requirements?

I see mention of mold in body lotions, is this something to be concerned with in Lip Balming?

And finally, other than preparing all materials, tools with alcohol wipe down, any other important environment considerations?

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Hi, As far as testing is concerned, I test until I get a perfect product that I and my testers love there is no time frame really. If you found a product you love and your testers like go for it! As far as mold, you do not have to worry about that in Lip Balm as you do lotions and products that have water in them. You lip balm does not have water in it right? Than no worries with that. ALWAYS use SAFE manufacturing methods when making any product. Some suggestions off the top of my head are: hairnet, gloves, preparing work area and utensils, apron, no contaminates in the area (food, pets, dirty areas). I know there are more. Use common sense, think about what you would consider a clean area what precautions you would like a person to do if you were buying that product. I do not use alcohol to sanitize I use a bleach and water solution. I do 10% bleach to 90% water to wipe down and rinse utensils. Make sure it is completely cooled off before covering to avoid condensation from forming on the product.

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