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Shelf life of fragrance oils

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What's the typical shelf life of fragrance oil when stored in a cool, dark place? A friend wants to clean out her storage unit and stumbled across supplies she hasn't used in three years or more and had forgotten about, lots of Peaks and Bitter Creek fragrance oils. She offered them to me....if they still smell good, would they be usable? Opinions welcome.

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They say that oils have a shelf life, but it depends on the FO, I just smell them and you can tell if they are rancid. I store all mine in a cool dark basement, I have some oils that are a few years old, and are great. However I have some that are onlt a year old and they have went bad, so I had to chuck em!!

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Rancid smells like they are sour, fuel smell, not quite right, etc.

I do have some FO that are over 3 years old and over the past few days I have noticed that some "brands" are defiantly much better than others.

Having said that most of them, even the good brands, don't have a HT to save their life. I've had to replace some as I need.

I figure if I haven't poured it in 3 years, I don't really need them.

I've also learned to buy no bigger than 16oz at a time unless I use more than 3 bottles in 4 months.

Most that I haven't poured in the last 3 years are 5lb jugs that were great, just didn't sell.

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