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  1. What wicks do you prefer for 6006? CD, ECO or Zinc. Most ppl say they like HTP but they are sold out or discontinued.
  2. What wax do you seasoned candle makers prefer for good CT and HT? I've only tried igi 6006. But I am open to trying out new wax. Is there a good wax that is easy to pair wicks using a 2.5 in diameter jar?
  3. What would the best wick for using igi6006 in a 2.5 sm ooth side jar? I'm new to candle making and have purchased SEVERAL wicks. I was recommended 2 different size zinc wicks from our local candle supplier which mushroomed ALOT! I purchased some wicks from Amazon which had great hot and cold throw. ECO 8 and CD 10 I purchased from Candle Science had huge flickering flames and ECO8 had soot. I tried them without FO to see how it would burn. All the tutorials and websites I have been on all say trial and error and buy several sizes wicks. It's frustrating having to spend alot of money to find th
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