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  1. Thanks for all the great info. I have been very successful with opening the cans with a safety can opener. As for the sand or any other filler, I was trying to think of a way to not use as much wax, but still have the wax to the top of can and also give the can some weight and stability. Any thoughts on a filler. I would reach out to local breweryies to get permission first before using there cans, hopefully. Again thanks for any info
  2. Thanks for feed back, definitely looking into insurance. Like I said I have never made any candles so I am sure there will be a big learning carve. I just see a lot of these on etsy so was looking for input, I do not see any negative comments about any issues form people that have purchase them. I will do some testing and start this new learning process. Etsy Beer Can Candle
  3. I have never made any candles before but I am thinking about making some candles out of the many empty craft beer cans I have. One thought is, I did not want to waste a lot of wax filling up a whole 16oz can. Is there something I can fill the can with 1/2 way, then fill the rest with wax? (sand?) Also hoping this will help keep the lower part of can cooler. Thanks for any feedback.
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