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  1. Your suggesstion is ok. I use parraffin wax . I use wick. I ask it for all type of candle .
  2. Not burn my nose hair. I want a light smell for example eucalyptus or peppermint
  3. Thanks for reply. I want to make a herbal candle that when it burns I can feel the herb smell. it's what is important for me. Please guide me how I add the herb to acheive my goal. Thanks
  4. Hi dear I want to make a herbal candle that after burning I feel the smell. I want to use herb and its essential oil. I mean it is somehow that I can use in aromatherapy. Thanks
  5. Hi dear. About colonial candle I have a question. I never use it. When you use the candle in the container after burning the candle what happens for parrafin? I mean beacause it can't after melting get out of the container what happens?
  6. I use parrafin wax with 1%fat. and I use metal mold for pillar candle. Isn't suitable?
  7. Hi everybody I 'm bigginer in candle making. I make candle with parrafin. my mold is alluminum. My candle not get out of mold easily although I put in freezer for 10mintuse. I forced to melt it. when I make in pvc mold I don't have problem . please guide me about what is my fault and what temprature i should use and why this happen for my candle. Thanks
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