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  1. UnionJenn

    US Candle Supply

    @Linda P - We switched because we were using C-6 while working on our own formulation. We have finalized our own proprietary blend so made the switch. Nothing against C-6, just wanted to create our own.
  2. UnionJenn

    US Candle Supply

    Everyone can rest assured US Candle isn't going anywhere. They have been around for quite some time and are the premiere distributor that works in direct partnership with Cargill. When my husband was working with our Cargill rep on some formulations a few months ago, the rep said he was going to send some samples for us to work with - they were shipped by US Candle (Paralogics) on behalf of Cargill. They were all together at the NCA conference as well. Jim and Kiersten Neal are the owners and they are fantastic to partner with. As for C6 - its a wonderful wax. It's Soy + Coconut + Natural additives. Keep in mind if you're looking to create your own blend using C3 and Coconut that you won't get an exact match. C6 and C3 are different soys in that they have different natural additives. Coconut 2 also has additives so you would be mixing at different ratios with C3+Coconut 2 than what C6 is blended at. We have worked closely with Cargill to master these waxes and blending them, it's been a long road but a great company to work with. @Linda P - We have some extra cases of C6 from a pallet we purchased before shifting to a different coconut based blend. Happy to chat about selling some to you if you'd like to get your hands on it. Not looking to profit just recoup what we paid.
  3. @Testing123 Those are a lot of great questions and we had the same ones. There is a great course on Creative Live about wholesaling that answered a ton of the questions, you hear from actual buyers and you get to see how other people are doing their linesheets etc plus it comes with sample forms. I highly recommend it. https://www.creativelive.com/class/sell-your-products-retailers-megan-auman Hope that helps! Self promo link removed