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  1. Gosh, this is all so sad. I knew I was not incompetent, just thought maybe I was crazy. I cannot believe all that I am seeing in these posts. Personally I have spent thousands of dollars testing different waxes and wasting materials. If my 3,000 poured candles are all ruined due to frosting I am really going to loose it. I will let you know how my next tests go. I did buy the c-3 as well. But I can't go lower than 10% fragrance load. One of the reasons I tried adding beeswax. I have to say that I have achieved beautiful results finally with the 464 adding a tiny bit of beeswax. But this invol
  2. This is my first time on a forum. I have been toiling away for the last couple years figuring it out on my own. I really want to use an all natural wax. But I am starting to feel that I am hitting a brick wall. Today I poured a second top on my 464/beeswax combo with all my tricks. I really thought this was going to be it. And yet the bubbles came up yet again and I spent several hours topping and retopping. After all my labor, it is quite possible that in 6 weeks they will all look ruined with out of control frosting. I have spent the last three months pouring 150 candles each day, only
  3. Personally I have found CS to be a great supplier on the west coast. I find their shipping fees and delivery to be top notch. No complaints at all. I have been going crazy over the 464 though. I used a soy blend to start, and tested soy waxes for almost 2 years to figure out where I wanted to go. I decided on 464. I tested for a year, and found the best results with this wax. Then I bought a pallet from CS in November. I have poured almost the whole pallet to launch 24 new styles at the winter shows. Today I found that half of my candles have turned into a frosted nightmare. Completely u
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